August 18th, 2005

Arts and cultural activities

The cultural programme adopted by the Central Council of Jews in Germany in 2004 reflects a new approach to integration designed to complement established models such as German lessons or lectures in Judaism. The aim is to acquaint members of the Jewish communities and interested outsiders with Jewish culture in its many facets. The programme also promotes cultural exchange within the Jewish communities. The artists are people of the Jewish faith, usually members of a Jewish community, who offer performances or displays with Jewish content. Concerts of classical music, for example, will focus on works by Jewish composers, plays will address problems of concern to Jews, and exhibitions will be devoted to Jewish destinies, Jewish temples, Jewish history or Judaism.

The basic principle is that every community can select and book up to three events. Of course, the number of shows is subject to natural limits, so there is no guarantee that every community will manage to host all its original choices. The Central Council pays all the ancillary costs. The communities merely have to provide board and lodging for the artists and take care of the technical details.

Proceeds from entrance tickets are retained by the communities for the cultural work.