August 11th, 2005


The functions of the Central Council include:

  • promoting and fostering the religious, cultural and social tasks of the Jewish community
  • providing advocacy for the common interests of its members
  • supporting the regional associations, communities and Zentralwohlfahrtsstelle in their work

The Central Council works solely and directly for the public benefit. It is a corporation under public law.

The Central Council of Jews in Germany is served by three internal bodies:

the Council Assembly (representing the communities)
the Board of Directors (representing the regional associations and larger communities)
the Steering Committee (the Council’s executive body).

The Council Assembly is the supreme decision-making body within the Central Council of Jews in Germany, with powers to issue policy guidelines, adopt the budget and oversee the work of the executive. The Council Assembly determines any fundamental issues concerning the Jewish community. Enabling the affiliated communities to exercise their autonomy is nevertheless a major priority. All the regional associations and some of the larger local communities (Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne) have seats in the Assembly. One delegate for every 1,000 members attends its meetings, which take place at least once a year. The Assembly elects three people from among its ranks to serve on the Steering Committee of the Central Council for a period of four years.

The Board of Directors is composed of representatives chosen by the affiliated organizations and Regional Associations. It oversees the work of the Steering Committee and elects the Executive Director to manage day-to-day business. Each regional association sends one representative for every (full or part) 5,000 members within its catchment area. The Board of Directors elects six people from among its ranks to serve on the Steering Committee for a period of four years.

The Steering Committee conducts the Central Council’s business. It has nine members and elects its own Board, consisting of the President and two Vice-Presidents, who are the public representatives of the Central Council.

The Executive Director runs the day-to-day affairs of the Central Council and is elected for a period of five years.

The Central Council is a full and active member with a seat and a vote on the executive bodies of various international Jewish organizations. These include: