• 30.07.2009

    Central Council and Israeli institutions want to strengthen co-operation

    Berlin – The Central Council of Jews in Germany wants to co-operate more closely with Israeli institutions in the future. On returning from a working visit to Israel , the Council's Secretary General, Stephan J. Kramer, announced plans to set up co-operation programmes aimed at strengthening and promoting Jewish knowledge in Germany 's Jewish communities ...

  • 25.07.2009

    Amazon sued over neo-Nazi books

    Berlin – The American Jewish Committee (AJC) has sued the online retailer Amazon for violating German incitement laws by selling books that trivialize Nazism and promote anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. "It is unacceptable that books are for sale on that normally are only available under the counter in far-right extremist shops," said AJC Berlin director Deidre Berger in a statement ...

  • 23.07.2009

    Indignation at Federal Cross of Merit for Felicia Langer

    Tübingen/Berlin – The Central Council of Jews in Germany expressed indignation at the decision to bestow the Federal Cross of Merit on Israeli lawyer Felicia Langer. In an email to The Jerusalem Post, the Council's Vice-President, Dieter Graumann, described Langer as a "militant and fanatical Israel-hater" ...

  • 23.07.2009

    NPD song incites violence against Michel Friedman

    Berlin – An election campaign song posted on the website of the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) openly incites violence against the former Vice-President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany , Michel Friedman. The Council's Secretary General, Stephan J. Kramer, told the Berliner Tagesspiegel newspaper the Council was considering legal action against the far-right party ...

  • 14.07.2009

    Central Council on the upcoming trial of John Demjanjuk

    "This isn't about revenge – it's about justice"

    Berlin/Munich – Yesterday, Munich prosecutors formally charged the suspected Nazi criminal John Demjanjuk, 89, with being an accessory to mass murder. Demjanjuk faces charges that he helped to kill 27,900 Jews while he was a guard at the Nazi death camp of Sobibor. "This isn't about revenge. It's not about tormenting an old man — it's about justice," told Dieter Graumann, Vice-President of Germany's Central Council of Jews, the Associated Press news agency ...

  • 08.07.2009

    “Islamophobia is not a phantom”

    Central Council takes a stance on the murder in the Dresden courtroom

    Dresden/Berlin – In reaction to the obviously anti-Islamic murderous attack on a young Egyptian woman at Dresden District Court last week, the Central Council of Jews in Germany expressed its sympathy and solidarity with the Muslim community. “After this terrible incident, those who have, until now, regarded the concern over Islamophobia in Germany as a phantom debate must recognise that they were wrong,” told the Council’s Secretary General, Stephan J ...

  • 07.07.2009

    New Formula One scandal

    London/Berlin/New York – In March 2008, the FIA President Max Mosley found himself plunged into a sex scandal caused by a video that showed him in the company of prostitutes dressed in concentration camp clothes. On 4th July of this year, The Times published an interview with the Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone in which he expressed his admiration for dictators, in particular Adolf Hitler ...

  • 02.07.2009

    Charlotte Knobloch demands NPD ban

    Dresden/Berlin – The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany , Charlotte Knobloch, has once again called for a ban on the National Democratic Party (NPD). She argued that the far-right party posed a danger to democracy. Speaking at a ceremony in Dresden , at which Saxony 's police chief, Bernd Merbitz, was given the Paul Spiegel Award for Civic Courage, Charlotte Knobloch said: "It would be a mistake to think that the recent fines of nearly €1 ...

  • 20.06.2009

    Central Council criticises Federal Constitutional Court 's ruling on state funding of religious organisations

    Karlsruhe/Berlin – The Central Council of Jews in Germany has criticised the ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court that confers the responsibility for the distribution of public subsidies to religious organisations on the federal states. The Council's Secretary General, Stephan J. Kramer, told the Rheinpfalz am Sonntag newspaper the decision could eventually lead to a break-up not only of Jewish communities but also of all Churches and religious groups ...

  • 16.06.2009

    Remains of Jewish concentration camp victims interred in Brandenburg

    Schenkendöbern – In the middle of June, the remains of Jewish concentration camp victims were buried in the presence of a rabbi at the newly consecrated Jewish cemetery in Schenkendöbern situated to the south of the city of Brandenburg . The victims were presumably Polish and Hungarian Jews killed at the Lieberose labour camp and hastily buried in Schenkendöbern in February 1945 ...