• 19.03.2006

    Meeting at Leo Baeck House

    Top-ranking representatives of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and the World Union for Progressive Judaism met at Leo Baeck House in Berlin on 19 March 2006 for their first profound exchange of views. The encounter, which took place in a very friendly and open atmosphere, was attended by Rabbi Uri Regev, Executive Director of the WUPJ, Central Council Vice-President Charlotte Knobloch, the Union's new Chairman Steven M ...

  • 18.08.2005

    Building the future

    “In search
    of Jewish identity”, “Jewish life in the former Soviet Union”, “Integrating
    into German society”, “The significance of the Israeli state” – the Brückenschlag
    der Geschichte (Bridge of History) project run jointly by the Zentralwohlfahrtsstelle (ZWSt) in Germany, the
    Jewish Agency for Israel and the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and
    Future is intended to help people find answers to questions raised by issues
    like these ...

  • 14.06.2005

    New inter-religious project

    “Do you know who I am?” is
    a new inter-religious project due to begin work in September. Its main
    objective is to challenge and overcome prejudice and to help all religions and
    cultures live side by side in peace. The organizers are the Central Council of
    Jews in Germany, the Council of Christian Churches in Germany (ACK), the
    Central Council of Moslems in Germany and the Turkish-Islamic Union (DITIB) ...

  • 14.04.2005

    Rashi Year 2005

    Rashi Year began on 14 April with a
    ceremony in the synagogue at Worms. From April to October 2005 Worms in Germany
    and Troyes in France will be commemorating the 900th anniversary of the death
    of Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac (1040-1105), better known as Rashi. He was born in
    France and studied at the famous Talmud school in Worms, and he now ranks as
    one of the most important scholars in Jewish history ...

  • 14.02.2005

    Protest against members of the Duma

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has, for
    the first time, spoken out loud and clear about the anti-Semitism in his
    country. At an event in Poland on 27 January 2005 to mark the 60th anniversary
    of the liberation of the concentration camp at Auschwitz he explicitly
    condemned the anti-Semitic behaviour of a group of Russian parliamentarians ...

  • 10.02.2005

    Rapprochement between Spiegel and Lehmann

    imes new roman" >Central Council President Paul Spiegel and Cardinal
    Karl Lehmann, Chairman of the Conference of German Bishops, met in Mainz in
    late February for talks in a climate of trust. The meeting was a response to
    comments by Pope John Paul II in his new book comparing the Nazis’ annihilation
    of their victims with the destruction of unborn life through abortion ...

  • 18.01.2005

    Charlotte Knobloch elected Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress

    Charlotte Knobloch,
    Vice-President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, was elected
    Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress in January. The new incumbent is
    also Vice-President of the European Jewish Congress and has for many years
    presided over the Jewish Community in Munich and Upper Bavaria ...

  • 14.01.2005

    Jewish Community in Brandenburg signs state agreement

    The agreement between government and the
    Jewish community was signed at state level in January 2005 between
    representatives of the federal state of Brandenburg and the Jewish Community in
    Brandenburg. The agreement provides for an annual public grant of 200, 000
    euros. “I welcome the agreement, but I doubt that the funding envisaged will be
    adequate,” said Stephan J ...

  • 04.01.2005

    EJC attends talks in Strasbourg

    A meeting was held in Strasbourg in January
    between high-level representatives of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) and
    the European Union (EU). EJC President Cobi Benatoff, EJC and WJC Vice
    President Charlotte Knobloch and EJC Secretary General Serge Cwajgenbaum talked
    with, among others, Javier ...