• 30.05.2008

    A new synagogue for the Jewish Community of Herford and Detmold

    Herford – The first sod has been turned in eastern Westphalia to mark the beginning of building work on the new Community Centre of the Jewish Community of Herford and Detmold . The construction costs will amount to approximately €1.7 million. One third of this sum will come from the cities of Detmold and Herford , the rest of the money will be contributed in equal parts by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Jewish community itself ...

  • 29.05.2008

    Wuppertal’s Jewish Community opens a new cemetery

    Wuppertal – For the first time since 1896, a new Jewish cemetery has been opened in Wuppertal . The Ceremonial Hall was inaugurated on 18 May. The 21,000-square-metre plot had been donated to the Jewish Community of Wuppertal by the Elberfeld Protestant Church Circuit several years ago. It provides place for about 2,000 graves ...

  • 29.05.2008

    Statements of the Minister for Social Affairs provoke criticism

    Berlin – A speech by Christa Stewens, Minister for Social Affairs and Vice Prime Minister of Bavaria, has raised harsh criticism in and outside the Jewish community. "The expulsion of Germans six decades ago was the greatest ethnic cleansing in the history of Europe," said Stewens (CSU), speaking at ...

  • 03.05.2008

    Jewish community intensifies its criticism of minister nomination in Thuringia

    Berlin – The Secretary General of the
    Central Council of Jews in Germany , Stephan J. Kramer, has intensified
    his criticism of Dieter Althaus, Prime Minister of Thuringia, for having nominated
    Peter Krause, known to be involved in rightist circles, as Minister of
    Education. In an interview to the online-edition of Financial Times
    Deutschland, Kramer said that Krause’s nomination was detrimental to the image
    of Thuringia and to the struggle against
    far-right extremism ...

  • 02.05.2008

    Charlotte Knobloch denounces the “outrage of Weissensee”

    Berlin – Unknown persons pushed over at
    least 40 gravestones and steles at Weissensee Jewish cemetery in Berlin over two consecutive nights. The
    President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany , Charlotte Knobloch, firmly
    condemned the act of destruction. This “outrage of Weissensee” is an
    “intolerable desecration of the memory of six million Holocaust victims,” said
    Knobloch to Spiegel Online ...

  • 22.11.2006

    Confirmed in office

    The Central Council’s President
    Charlotte Knobloch was confirmed in office in Dusseldorf on 18 November. Although she was
    only elected to succeed Paul Spiegel OBM in June, fresh elections were required
    under the Statutes because the term served by the Presidium and President had
    run their course ...

  • 15.09.2006


    Rabbinerordination in Dresden

    On September 13 and 14, 2006, the Abraham Geiger College ordained the first three candidates as rabbis since the “Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums” in Berlin was forcefully closed in 1942. Graduation and ordination will took place in Dresden, Saxony. The three new rabbis - Daniel Alter, Tomáš Kučera and Malcolm Matitiani will serve in jewish communities of in Munich, Oldenburg and Cape town ...

  • 02.06.2006

    Protest rally in Nuremberg

    Sunday 11 June 2006 at 3 pm on Jakobsplatz

    The nuclear rearmament pursued by the Iranian regime poses a threat to Europe, Israel and the entire free Western world. Iran already possesses missiles capable of turning Europe into an inferno. Ahmadinejad has left no doubts about his murderous intentions.

    Our protest rally will send clear messages:

    Diplomatic relations with a country that denies the holocaust are intolerable ...

  • 22.03.2006

    Directorate adopts resolution on visiting Tehran Book Fair

    Directorate of the Central Council of Jews in Germany condemns Frankfurt Book
    Fair’s intention of taking part in Tehran Book Fair in May 2006 because this
    sends out the wrong signal of appeasement to the mullah regime in Iran with its
    fundamental anti-Semitic attitudes.

    At the
    Frankfurt Book Fair in 2005 there were already anti-Semitic publications and
    discussion forums organized by the Iranian partner ...