• 30.07.2008

    Jewish Community of Bamberg has new Community Board

    Bamberg – The Jewish Community of Bamberg has elected a new Community Board. Heinrich C. Olmer has been re-elected chairman of the Community. The physician Antje Yael Deusel has become deputy chairman. Further members of the Board are Elizaveta Gorkurova, Isaak Lewin, and Iris Yuz-Zarfati. The Jewish Community of Bamberg has about 940 members ...

  • 28.07.2008

    Jewish cemetery in Cottbus desecrated

    Cottbus/Frankfurt ( Oder ) – Unidentified persons pushed over twelve gravestones at the Jewish cemetery. The cost of the damage has been estimated at €5,000. "So far we have no leads on who perpetrated the attack," said the police spokesman Berndt Fleischer to the newspaper Berliner Zeitung . The mayor of Cottbus , Frank Szymanski (SPD), condemned the attack ...

  • 24.07.2008

    Jewish Community of Dessau elected a new Community Board

    Dessau – Alexander Wassermann (Chairman), Swetlana Keller and Tatiana Smotrici were elected to the Community Board at the constitutive meeting of the Jewish Community of Dessau on 15 July. Two weeks earlier, on 29 June, Leonid Portnoi had been elected Chairman of the Assembly of Representatives, according to a report in Jüdische Allgemeine ...

  • 24.07.2008

    Union of Progressive Jews has a new Board of Directors

    Berlin – The Union of Progressive Jews in Germany elected a new Board of Directors at its annual convention in July. Jan Mühlstein from Munich was re-elected Chairman for further three years. Michael Lawton from Cologne is the new Deputy Chairman. Rachel Dohme from Hameln was re-elected to the Board ...

  • 23.07.2008

    President of the Central Council calls for NPD ban and criticises new gymnasium curriculum in Bavaria

    Berlin/Munich – The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany , Charlotte Knobloch, has once again called for a ban on the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD): "We have to outlaw the NPD to put an end to the activities of these brown gangs."
    "It cannot be tolerated that far-right extremists and neo-Nazis freely spread their propaganda in public places," she said ...

  • 16.07.2008

    Charlotte Knobloch re-elected in Munich

    Munich – The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany , Charlotte
    Knobloch, 75, has been re-elected as the President of the Jewish Community of
    Munich and Upper Bavaria by the Community Board for further four years. Charlotte Knobloch has
    been President of the Jewish Community since 1985 ...

  • 15.07.2008

    Jewish Community marks its 10 year jubilee

    Cottbus – The Jewish Community of Cottbus has celebrated the 10th anniversary of
    its establishment. It was founded on 15th July 1998 by ten Jewish immigrants
    from the former Soviet Union who wanted to revive Jewish life in the city. In 2003 the Jewish
    Community of Cottbus became a registered association ...

  • 14.07.2008

    Jewish Community of Frankfurt/Oder robbed

    Frankfurt/Oder – Unidentified persons have stolen money
    and a computer containing personal data of Community members from the premises
    of the Jewish Community of Frankfurt/Oder. The police are searching for the
    robbers. The head of the Community, Wladimir Lewytzky, believes there might be
    a far-right background to the incident as the Community has recently received
    several anonymous hate mails ...

  • 10.07.2008

    Central Council warns against dilution of Holocaust denial ban

    Berlin – The Central Council of Jews in Germany has harshly criticized statements by Wolfgang Hoffmann-Riem, a former Federal Constitutional Court justice, concerning persecution of Holocaust denial. In an interview to the newspaper Tagesspiegel , Stephan J. Kramer, Secretary General of the Central Council, called Hoffman-Riem's statements "irresponsible, coming from such a distinguished expert on jurisprudence" ...