February 27th, 2015

"The whole society is obliged to speak up against antisemitism"

Statement by Dr. Josef Schuster on the current debate around the security situation

Dr. Josef Schuster

Statement by Dr. Josef Schuster, President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, on the current debate around the security situation for German Jews:

“Regrettably we are witnessing a raise of antisemitism across Europe. As well here in Germany we are facing a challenging situation. Not only since the brutal terrorist attacks in Paris and Copenhagen, the antisemitism coming from the radical Muslim sides is posing a critical problem, not only for Jews but for our whole society and our democratic values. The last summer in Germany and its demonstration with its antisemitic slogans revealed very crucially, that we cannot afford to neglect this problem. Unfortunately, 70 years after the Shoa, there are even parts in German cities where a kippa or a Star of David-necklace is regarded as a "provocation" and even reason for being physically attacked. We all, the whole society are obliged to speak up against these unacceptable circumstances and to counter antisemitism wherever it comes from. The Jewish community will not let itself being intimidated nor scared by any attempt. We will continue to build our self confident Jewish future here in Germany.”