November 28th, 2010

Press release on the meeting of the Council Assembly and the election of the Presidium which took place in Frankfurt/Main on 28 November 2010

On 28 November 2010, the Council Assembly of the Central Council of Jews in Germany met in Frankfurt/Main. The Council Assembly heard reports on the Central Council's work over the past year and discussed issues concerning the development of the Jewish community in Germany and other topics. On the same day, a meeting of the Directorate of the Central Council was held.

As the term of the former Presidium of the Central Council ended this year, the delegates of the Council Assembly and members of the Directorate elected a new Presidium. The members of the new Presidium are (in alphabetical order):

  • Mark Dainow (Hesse)
  • Dr. Dieter Graumann (Frankfurt/Main)
  • Küf Kaufmann (Saxony)
  • Prof. Dr. Salomon Korn (Frankfurt/Main)
  • Dr. Josef Schuster (Bavaria)
  • Johann Schwarz ( North Rhine )
  • Hanna Sperling ( Westphalia -Lippe)
  • Lala Süsskind (Berlin)
  • Vera Szackamer (Munich and Upper Bavaria)

The members of the Presidium elected a President and two Vice-Presidents from among their ranks. Dr. Dieter Graumann was elected President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. The two Vice-Presidents are Prof. Dr. Salomon Korn and Dr. Josef Schuster.

The new Presidium thanked the outgoing President of the Central Council, Dr. h.c. Charlotte Knobloch, for her tireless work for the benefit of Germany's Jewish community. Dr. Graumann stressed Dr. h.c. Knobloch's achievements and her contribution to the strengthening of the Central Council.

Frankfurt/Main, 28 November 2010