September 6th, 2010

Dr. Dieter Graumann runs for President of the Central Council

On 5th September, at a Directorate meeting in Frankfurt am Main, the Vice-President of the Central Council of Germany, Dr. Dieter Graumann, formally announced his candidature for the election of the Central Council's President which will be held at the end of November. The announcement was met with general approval.

At its next ordinary meeting scheduled for 28th November 2010, the Council Assembly will elect three people to serve on the Presidium of the Central Council. A further six members of the Presidium will be elected from among the ranks of the Directorate. The nine Presidium members will then elect from among their ranks the President and two Vice-Presidents. The meetings of the Directorate and the Presidium will be held immediately after the Council Assembly meeting so that the result of the election is expected to be announced on 28th November 2010.

Berlin, 6th September 2010