June 1st, 2010

Gaza incident: Central Council calls for calm

The Central Council of Jews in Germany has called for calm in the debate over the Israeli raid on an international aid flotilla. "We should keep a cool head instead of spouting hot air," said the Central Council's Vice-President, Dieter Graumann, in an interview with the news agency ddp. He said that while it was entirely legitimate to ask whether Israel's actions were proportionate, he thought "the cascade of hatred" pouring down on Israel was exaggerated. This criticism was especially aimed at the Left Party.

Graumann expressed his regret over the incident that happened off the coast of the Gaza Strip and in which, according to the Israeli military, at least nine people lost their lives. "No doubt, when there are victims it is always a reason for grief and sorrow," he said. Graumann welcomed the proposal of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel (CDU), to allow international observers to participate in the investigation into the incident. (01.06.2010)