October 16th, 2009

Daniel Libeskind to design synagogue for Beth Shalom in Munich

Munich – The world-famous architect Daniel Libeskind will design a synagogue for Munich 's liberal Jewish community Beth Shalom. On 15 October, he visited the prospective building site. His design, Libeskind said, would make it clear that being Jewish means not only responsibility but also fun. It would represent a "celebration of life", he said. Beth Shalom wants the planned synagogue to comprise a prayer hall, seated for 300, event rooms, a library, a café, a kindergarten, a nursery, and apartments for the elderly. Thomas Dahme, head of the Community, which has about 300 members, estimates the cost of the project at € 11-13 million. He expects the money to come from public funds and donations. (16.10.2009)