August 17th, 2009

Central Council criticises Prince of Liechtenstein 's comments

Berlin/Vaduz – The Central Council of Jews in Germany has harshly criticised the Prince of Lichtenstein's comments on the tax evasion debate. In an interview with the Liechtensteiner Volksblatt newspaper, Prince Hans Adam II claimed that Switzerland and Liechtenstein had saved "many people, especially Jews" with banking secrecy. He said Germany should "look to itself and think about its past" instead of denouncing these countries as havens for tax evaders. The Secretary General of the Central Council of Jews, Stephan J. Kramer, called the comments "a mockery of the Holocaust and its survivors". He said they were an attempt to use "the Holocaust as a protection shield" in order to divert attention away from the Prince's political mistakes. "It is historically incorrect to depict Liechtenstein as a merciful helper of Jews," Kramer told the Bild newspaper. "His Serene Highness would be better off retiring." (17.08.2009)