July 14th, 2009

Central Council on the upcoming trial of John Demjanjuk

"This isn't about revenge – it's about justice"

Berlin/Munich – Yesterday, Munich prosecutors formally charged the suspected Nazi criminal John Demjanjuk, 89, with being an accessory to mass murder. Demjanjuk faces charges that he helped to kill 27,900 Jews while he was a guard at the Nazi death camp of Sobibor. "This isn't about revenge. It's not about tormenting an old man — it's about justice," told Dieter Graumann, Vice-President of Germany's Central Council of Jews, the Associated Press news agency. More important than whether Demjanjuk is ultimately sentenced to prison is "that the guilt is determined, that it's discussed," Graumann said. "Now, at a time when there are so many Holocaust deniers it's all the more important that in such a trial it's made clear once again what happened, what took place," he said. (14.07.2009)