June 16th, 2009

Remains of Jewish concentration camp victims interred in Brandenburg

Schenkendöbern – In the middle of June, the remains of Jewish concentration camp victims were buried in the presence of a rabbi at the newly consecrated Jewish cemetery in Schenkendöbern situated to the south of the city of Brandenburg . The victims were presumably Polish and Hungarian Jews killed at the Lieberose labour camp and hastily buried in Schenkendöbern in February 1945. The ceremony also included the interment of the bone fragments that had been secured for forensic purposes by the GDR authorities during an exhumation and stored, in disrespect of Jewish rites, in cartons in the Stasi archive in Berlin . "After many years of anonymity and ignorance of Jewish religious laws, we are deeply satisfied and relieved that the remains have finally been buried in a consecrated Jewish cemetery," said Peter Fischer of Germany 's Central Council of Jews. (16.06.2009)