April 22nd, 2009

Central Council welcomes search for mass grave of concentration camp prisoners in Jamlitz

Jamlitz – Excavations looking for the remains of 753 people shot by the SS at the Lieberose labour camp, an auxiliary to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, at the beginning of February 1945 began in Jamlitz (state of Brandenburg ) on 22 April. Peter Fischer of Germany 's Central Council of Jews said the search, which had been refused for years by the owner of the land and was allowed only after a lengthy court battle, was "in the spirit of elementary humanitarian rights". According to Fischer, even decades after the fall of Nazism, the descendants and relatives of those killed in Jamlitz have difficult and painful feelings about Germany 's past. The excavation work is being carried out under the observation of contemporary witnesses as well as three rabbis from Atra Kadisha, an international organization dedicated to preserving Jewish grave sites. There are no lists of victims most of whom were presumably Polish and Hungarian Jews. (22.04.2009)