February 14th, 2009

New synagogue in Limburg

Limburg – 70 years after the destruction of the previous synagogue, a new Jewish house of prayer was inaugurated in Limburg on February 15. During the inauguration ceremony, the Torah was brought into the synagogue which is part of the new Community Centre. The building was previously used by a Free Church congregation as prayer hall. The President of the Association of Jewish Communities of Hesse, Moritz Neumann, called it a miracle that a Jewish community was re-established in Limburg after the Holocaust. Presently, the Community has 200 members. The Prime Minister of Hesse, Roland Koch (CDU), said it was a bold decision on part of the Community to strike root in Limburg. He said: "Jewish communities belong here. They are an integral part of what Germany is." At the end of the inauguration ceremony, the Community's rabbi, Menachem Gurewitz , attached the mezuzah. (14.02.2008)