January 10th, 2009

Central Council declares "solidarity with Israel " in a newspaper announcement

Frankfurt/Main – The Central Council of Jews in Germany has placed a large-format newspaper announcement in which it states its position on the war in the Middle East and expresses its solidarity with Israel . The announcement published in today's issue of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper is titled "Against Hamas rocket terror – For a better perspective for the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip." "The protection of citizens is neither an act of aggression nor a violation of human rights," reads the five-point declaration. It states that it is the right and the duty of Israel to defend itself against Hamas, financed and directed by the "mullah regime in Iran ". The declaration says that Hamas destabilises the whole region by its rocket attacks and cowardly hides behind the Palestinian population. "Hamas bears the sole responsibility for the civilian casualties on both sides," reads the declaration by the Central Council signed by the President, Charlotte Knobloch, and both Vice-Presidents, Prof. Dr. Salomon Korn and Dr. Dieter Graumann. Further, it says: "Any victim, no matter on which side, is one victim too much. It is impossible to wage a clean and honourable war against terrorists, protecting civilian population." (10.01.2009)