November 18th, 2008

Two Jewish cemeteries desecrated

Erfurt/Gotha – Unknown persons have desecrated Jewish cemeteries in the cities of Erfurt and Gotha in Thuringia . On the night of November 17-18, a pig's head was hung on a Star of David on the entrance gate of the Jewish cemetery of Gotha and the gate was smeared with a blood-like substance, according to news agencies. At the same time, a memorial plaque at the entrance of the Jewish cemetery of Erfurt was splashed with red paint. "These incidents show once again far-right extremists' true face that they have been recently trying to conceal under the mask of respectable citizens," said Thuringia 's minister of the interior Manfred Scherer (CDU). The police are investigating the attacks classified as incitement to ethnic or racial hatred and damage to property. The Criminal Police Office of Thuringia has set up a 20-man special task force and offered a reward of € 3,000 for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators. (18.11.2008)