October 29th, 2008

Representatives of Central Council support "Stop the Bomb" campaign

Berlin – A new campaign named "Stop the Bomb" was announced in Berlin yesterday. The campaign is directed against German companies' trade relations with Iran and calls on the Federal Government to stop such relations. "Those doing business with the unpredictable Iranian regime support the oppression of the Iranian people, the international terrorism, the nuclear armament of Iran , the anti-Semitic agitation and the denial of the Holocaust," argue the organizers of the campaign. Stephan J. Kramer, Secretary General of the Central Council, said that by selling goods that, even if not being of a military nature, help the Iranian regime to remain in power, Germany becomes "an accomplice to the regime's atrocities". Kramer urged that the declarations of solidarity with Israel and statements condemning the Iranian regime should be finally followed by action.

According to the organizers of the campaign, it is supported among others by the Nobel prize winner Elfriede Jelinek, the Vice-President of the Central Council of Jews Dieter Graumann, the actress Iris Berben, the Vice-President of the German Bundestag Petra Pau (The Left), and the migration policy speaker of the parliamentary party of the Alliance '90/The Greens Josef Winkler. (www.stopthebomb.net ) (29.10.2008)