September 8th, 2008

Two synagogues opened in September

Krefeld/Bielefeld – In September, the Jewish communities of Krefeld and Bielefeld inaugurated their new synagogues. On 14 September, Torah scrolls were brought into the synagogue of the Jewish Community of Krefeld, numbering about 1,100. Seven days later, the 267 members of the Jewish Community of Bielefeld carried their Torah into their new synagogue. There are presently 20 synagogues in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Early in the 1990s, 32,000 Jews lived in NRW, but their number has sextupled in recent years. The head of the regional association of Jewish communities of North Rhine, Esra Cohn, welcomed the revival of Jewish culture. "The many new synagogues indicate that Jewish life is possible again in Germany and has taken root here," said Cohn, according to the news agency Deutscher Depeschendienst. (08.09.2008)