July 30th, 2008

Central Council of Jews outraged at violence after neo-Nazi burial in Passau

Passau – The Secretary General of the Central Council of Jews, Stephan J. Kramer, has once again called for the creation of the post of a Federal Commissioner for Fighting Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Anti-Semitism. "There is still no effective co-ordination between federal, state, and local authorities. It is therefore necessary to establish a Federal Commissioner responsible for Fighting Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Anti-Semitism," said Kramer in an interview to the newspaper Passauer Neue Presse . Kramer said that the attacks by far-right extremists after the burial of the neo-Nazi Friedhelm Busse were an outrage. " Passau is a stronghold of far-right extremists," he said. According to Kramer, the rightists have become more brazen. Kramer demanded on behalf of the Central Council to ban the NPD and called on politicians to take corresponding measures. In his interview to Passauer Neue Presse , he compared far-right extremism to a smouldering fire. The President of the Central Council, Charlotte Knobloch, also voiced her indignation over the neo-Nazi violence after the funeral. "It is an outrage that those brown gangs can freely march through the centre of Passau shouting their inflammatory slogans," she said in an interview to the news agency dpa . According to Knobloch, the incident of Passau demonstrates that neo-Nazi activities are increasing and beginning to get out of control. "This must not happen again," she said and demanded that there be legal consequences. "All democratic political parties must unite their efforts to crack down on far-fight extremism and, if necessary, to ban parties that distort history and glorify the Third Reich." (27.07.2008/30.7.2008)