July 14th, 2008

Jewish Community of Frankfurt/Oder robbed

Frankfurt/Oder – Unidentified persons have stolen money and a computer containing personal data of Community members from the premises of the Jewish Community of Frankfurt/Oder. The police are searching for the robbers. The head of the Community, Wladimir Lewytzky, believes there might be a far-right background to the incident as the Community has recently received several anonymous hate mails. In an interview to the newspaper Märkische Oderzeitung (MOZ) , Lewytzky said that he had pointed this fact out to the police but they had not thought there had been “a political background”. “We found this surprising considering the fact that we showed them an anonymous letter received shortly before the incident,” said Lewytzky. The letter contained a swastika followed by nasty anti-Semitic threats. (14.07.2008)