July 9th, 2008

A strange view of history – Criticism on the naturalization test questionnaire proposed by the Federal Ministry of the Interior

"The Central Council of Jews in Germany appreciates the fact that the Federal Ministry of the Interior has incorporated a large number of critical suggestions into the current draft of the federal naturalization test questionnaire," said Secretary General of the Central Council of Jews in Germany , Stephan J. Kramer.

"However, the fact that not a single one of the 320 questions, many of which deal with German history, deals with and contains the word "Holocaust" reveals the authors' strange view of history. It shows that the immigrants are obviously not expected to concern themselves with the history of Nazi crimes against humanity, which is something that I think is absolutely essential."

"It is intolerable that the list of choices offered to the respondents as possible answers to the question 'What religion has most influenced European and German culture?' contains Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam whereas Judaism has quite simply been omitted," said the Secretary General.

"Against this background, the composition of the questionnaire not just leaves a bad taste in the mouth but also borders on ideological distortion because by leaving out facts the authors provide a twisted picture of history," said Stephan J. Kramer.

9 July 2008