July 3rd, 2008

Increased financial support for the Jewish Community of Frankfurt/Main

Frankfurt – Frankfurt/Main will increase its financial support for the city's Jewish Community from €2.4 million to €3.6 million per annum. The support is provided on the basis of the "Agreement of Frankfurt" signed in 1990. According to this agreement, the city of Frankfurt participates in the Community's administration costs as well as in the costs of running and maintaining the Community's institutions and facilities. The need for more funding has arisen from a continuous increase in the number of members, which is mainly due to the immigration of Jews from the former Soviet Union in recent years. Presently, the Community has 7,300 members. In an interview to the daily Frankfurter Rundschau , the head of the Community, Salomon Korn, said that the agreements were an "expression of the trust and confidence that have grown between the city of Frankfurt and the Jewish Community over the past years." According to Korn, the Community Board will use the increased financial support to intensify its efforts in integrating the newcomers and to reduce the mountain of debt that "we have been dragging around with us for many years." (03.07.2008)