May 2nd, 2008

Charlotte Knobloch denounces the “outrage of Weissensee”

Berlin – Unknown persons pushed over at least 40 gravestones and steles at Weissensee Jewish cemetery in Berlin over two consecutive nights. The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany , Charlotte Knobloch, firmly condemned the act of destruction. This “outrage of Weissensee” is an “intolerable desecration of the memory of six million Holocaust victims,” said Knobloch to Spiegel Online. “He who desecrates this place pursues the insidious goal to deal a shattering blow to all people of good will in Germany .” She warned that the incident was not the first attack on Jewish cemeteries. According to Knobloch, more than 30 Jewish burial places were desecrated alone last year but the perpetrators were captured in only four cases. (02.05.2008)