February 9th, 2007

Central Council calls for tough measures to counter Iran's policy of aggression

Charlotte Knobloch, President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, marked the beginning of the security conference in Munich by telling the German government it was high time to lead a new initiative against the threat posed by Iran's mullah regime. "Chancellor Merkel must resolutely champion a broad alliance between Europe, America and Russia to oppose President Ahmadinejad's policy of aggression. Germany has a particular role to play in this, not only because of its good economic relations with Iran, but also because it currently holds the Presidency of the EU," declared Charlotte Knobloch.

"Each day we remain idle rather than demonstrating the will to take action, not only are human rights being trampled underfoot in Iran, but the mullah dictatorship continues to arm. With his recent threat about attacking American ships in the Gulf in particular, dictator Ahmadinejad is revealing his true character. This puts paid to any residual doubts people might have had about the belligerent aims and intimidating policy of the mullah regime," observed the President.

"The call by the so-called 'Holocaust Foundation' in Iran for documentary evidence to be submitted is one of many provocations by the Iranian Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad has systematically sought to deny the genocide that cost millions of Jews and other groups of victims their lives, basing his propaganda on pseudo-scientific contrivances. I recommend that Mr Ahmadinejad take some remedial lessons on the subject, although I doubt his desire to take any notice of the facts. There have been many opportunities. The results were apparent at the conference of Holocaust deniers in Tehran," she concluded with abhorrence.

"In the light of this I call upon the German Chancellor to tell the head of the Iranian delegation in Munich, Ali Larijani, in no uncertain terms that the international community will not be making any more compromises and will unconditionally resist this threat with all the means at its disposal. A first step would be for Germany itself to declare unilateral economic sanctions, such as the suspension of Hermes guarantees and a halt to all present deliveries of goods to Iran," suggested Knobloch.

Berlin, 9 February 2007 / 21 Shevat 5767